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Great teaching is not a mystery

We know what it takes. Keep every student engaged, and know what every student needs. Easy, right?

The only problem: It's hard to do

There's not enough time in the day to actually know what every student needs on every standard. And plan a reteach? Not possible.

We can help

EdLight makes it easy to track mastery on a daily basis, filtering out the noise to identify actionable steps for each student

Change Lives with EdLight

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Let's face it: the standards are confusing. Our Master Teachers have broken down the standards into the way children actually learn. Teachers can now walk into class prepared, anticipating the mistakes students will make and knowing how to respond.

Authentic learning happens in real life. It's the interactions between teachers, students and content that create the learning moments we live for. Our tools fit with teachers' workflow to capture this real world learning. No data entry required.

Teamwork Built In

Teachers can't do it alone. Students, families, co-teachers, coaches — everyone needs to be engaged and in the loop. With EdLight, you can do something once, and securely share it with everyone who needs to know.

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EdLight has been extremely helpful in tracking my students’ progress. I use the data EdLight provides with other teachers to identify individual and whole class strengths as well as areas for improvement.
Rachel Keller, 7th Grade English Teacher, Excel Academy Chelsea
EdLight is a great asset for a teacher like me who is looking to be more organized and engaged in the classroom. Using EdLight has allowed me to carefully interact with and follow the growth of every student.
Anne O'Leary, First Grade Reading, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
EdLight helps me automate tasks that I used to do by hand. I’ve thought about scraping these practices altogether so many times, but it was great feedback for kids and parents so I stuck with it. Now, using Edlight and having that time back, I can focus more on what matters like the misconceptions of my lesson and the scaffolds I can provide, while still giving students feedback about their day-to-day performance and habits.
Rachel Keller, 7th Grade English Teacher, Excel Academy Chelsea