Focus on Student Work

EdLight makes it easy to give feedback on student work during remote / hybrid learning

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Great teaching is not a mystery

The best teachers put student work at the center of learning. Easy, right?

The only problem:
It's hard to do

Keeping up the rhythm of attending to student work is exhausting in normal times. Trying to see student thinking remotely? Sounds hard.

We can help

EdLight makes it easy to capture student work, even during remote learning, and create a portfolio of what students know and can do.

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Monitor Student Work

Student work still matters. It's the models students draw and the annotations they make that show their thinking. Looking at work is how we know our students as learners, and how we show that we value them as individuals.

EdLight lets students do work on paper, the way they typically would in class, and easily share this work from a safe distance using a Chromebook, tablet or phone.

Learning happens through feedback and revision. Feedback needs to be more than "wrong" or "right" — good feedback motivates students to improve while helping them self identify and correct mistakes. Students complete the learning cycle by revising their work, reinforcing the lesson to create lifelong learning.

EdLight lets teachers give feedback by drawing directly on images of student work, the way they typically would with paper, while adding new possibilities like audio recordings, stickers and text boxes.

Teamwork Built In

Teachers can't do it alone. Students, families, co-teachers, coaches — everyone needs to be engaged and in the loop. With EdLight, you can do something once, and securely share it with everyone who needs to know, when they need to know it.

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EdLight has been extremely helpful in tracking my students’ progress. I use the data EdLight provides with other teachers to identify individual and whole class strengths as well as areas for improvement.
Rachel Keller, 7th Grade English Teacher, Excel Academy Chelsea
EdLight is a great asset for a teacher like me who is looking to be more organized and engaged in the classroom. Using EdLight has allowed me to carefully interact with and follow the growth of every student.
Anne O'Leary, First Grade Reading, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
EdLight helps me automate tasks that I used to do by hand. I’ve thought about scraping these practices altogether so many times, but it was great feedback for kids and parents so I stuck with it. Now, using Edlight and having that time back, I can focus more on what matters like the misconceptions of my lesson and the scaffolds I can provide, while still giving students feedback about their day-to-day performance and habits.
Rachel Keller, 7th Grade English Teacher, Excel Academy Chelsea