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EdLight lets teachers quickly see and give feedback on authentic student work.

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Capture Authentic Work

Whether it's early elementary students working on letter formation or calculus students working out proofs, every child has work that doesn't fit neatly inside a computer.

EdLight makes it easy to digitize the authentic work that students do in the real world, on paper — whether they are in class, at home or both.

Show (Don't Tell) Progress

You know what's not helpful? Reports that bucket students into red, yellow, green. What is helpful? Looking at student work to see progress toward mastery.

EdLight's standard-based student portfolios make progress over time come to life.

We ❤️ Feedback

Learning happens through feedback and revision. Feedback needs to be more than "wrong" or "right" — good feedback motivates students to improve while helping them self identify and correct mistakes. Students complete the learning cycle by revising their work, reinforcing the lesson to create deeper learning.

EdLight lets teachers give feedback by drawing directly on images of student work, while adding new possibilities like audio recordings, stickers and text boxes.

Teamwork Built In 🤩

Teachers can't do it alone. Students, families, co-teachers, tutors, coaches — everyone needs to be engaged and in the loop.

With EdLight, teachers can coordinate student supports to target the skills needed for grade level understanding, accelerating learning and keeping the whole team aligned.

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“EdLight allows me to look at each students' work, offer meaningful feedback, and it's a quick way to grade all my assignments.”
Jean Basappa,
6th Grade Math Teacher
“EdLight is a very useful tool, particularly in math. It allows teachers to see their scholars' work instead of just their answer.”
Benjamin Taylor,
5th Grade Math Teacher
“I would recommend EdLight to any teacher for any subject where you want to immediately check student understanding and get inside student thinking”
Dr. Tony Dickerson,
Title I Interventionist 

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