Math Instructional Specialist

EdLight is searching for Math Instructional Specialists! Help us build an AI that classifies misconceptions in student work!

We refuse to be ordinary, so neither is this job description! At EdLight, we believe in keeping it real. At the core of our work, we recognize that teachers hold the power in moving educational innovation forward. Educators who are still in classrooms fighting on behalf of ALL kids are extraordinary. We know that the work that we’re doing at EdLight will respark your flame in the classroom. Join us to reimagine what equitable, data-driven instruction looks like in all classrooms!

What we’re looking for and why we need you!

EdLight is hiring Math Instructional Specialists. Our team is diligently working towards developing an AI to classify and diagnose misconceptions in middle school math student work! This is a 3-year work study that is funded through EdLight’s partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our Instructional Specialists’ work will help us build a sustainable work tagging infrastructure that will be used to tag 1 million pieces of handwritten student work during the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Our Instructional Specialists will report to our Senior Director of Partnerships. This is a part-time, contracted role with an immediate start date.


  • Review student work samples from Gr. 6-8 Illustrative Math lessons
  • Tag student work samples weekly
  • Participate in debrief conversations to provide feedback on work tagging infrastructure and come to consensus with other Instructional Specialists to refine tagging parameters
  • Provide continuous feedback on sustainability of work tagging process
  • Perform other relevant work tagging duties as assigned

Desired skills & qualifications

  • At least 2 years of K-12 math teaching experience (middle school experience preferred, but not required)
  • Experience teaching Illustrative Math curriculum preferred, but not required
  • Proactive communicator, particularly around your schedule and ability to meet deadlines
  • Collaborative and team-oriented

The perks

  • Pay: $25 / hour
  • Location: Flexible, remote working environment
  • Hours: Flexible; this is a task-based contracted role that is structured to work well with most teacher schedules.
  • Culture: We are a small, yet agile and mighty team. If you are searching for a close knit team of coworkers driven by educational equity and tech accessibility in schools, we hope that you reach out!

Who we are

Here at EdLight, our mission is to make great teaching easy. We are a team of lifelong educators who come together each day to provide a solution that allows teachers to gain insight from handwritten student work in real time, while ensuring that the work that students do each day is seen and valued.

EdLight was built around three key insights:

  1. A lack of attention to student work is one of the great injustices of education. Anti-racist education requires honoring the intellectual and emotional energy that Black, Brown and marginalized students put into their work.
  2. Student outcomes have been reduced to data without depth from online assessments.
  3. There currently exists no database of common misconceptions or exemplar responses that could accelerate the development of teacher expertise as it relates to equitable, data-informed pedagogy and communication.

We are a digital platform that allows teachers to score, sort, and share their students’ handwritten work from any device, anywhere. This bolsters communication and collaboration across all educational stakeholders including teachers, students, parents, coaches, and leadership teams.

Our application process

If you are interested in this role, please complete our application form (linked here). Selected candidates will be invited to complete a short task to showcase their expertise.