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Memphis Rise Academy

As a Middle and High School who prioritizes student work, the pandemic posed a critical problem: how do we see authentic work? Memphis Rise now uses EdLight daily to collect written exit tickets and audit note-taking. Students dozens of images a week on a variety of devices, and teachers use it to keep students accountable to completing work and give targeted + motivational feedback.

What Teachers Think:

“The main benefit of EdLight for me is being able to see students’ work in a format that is easy for them to use and easy for me to grade. - Tracy Estes

What Principals Think:

“EdLight has given us a dependable opportunity to see student work and provide meaningful feedback on the work students are producing. We have also been able to use the work students are submitting in EdLight in our coaching conversations as a way of grounding our observation feedback and planning moving forward.” - Rebecca Olivarez

Feature Comparison

School / District

Student work images included


Google Classroom Integration

Clever Roster Integration

Toolkit for rolling out with students 

On demand support

Weekly email with the results of all assignments on your coaching caseload

Custom professional development

Manage student work submissions

Students submit pictures of authentic work done on paper using a phone, tablet or computer

Automatic de-blurring and smart cleanup of student work images

Receive notifications when feedback is ready

Submit revisions in response to feedback

Easily Create Assignments

Works with your existing curriculum

Give students clear success criteria

Give targeted feedback on student work

Draw free-form feedback on student work images

Cleanup student work images by cropping, rotating and filtering 

Give written comments on student work

Leave audio feedback for students

Score work against the criteria for success and give an overall scores

Send work back to students for revision

Analysis tools

Review assignment results next to actual student work

See all student work on one page

Identify students who did / did not meet criteria

See the status of all work assigned

See all work for one student

Several grading criteria options


How does the free Starter account work?

After students submit 1000 images images of their work, you will be asked to upgrade, and some features may be unavailable. You won’t lose any work or lose access. When you upgrade to the paid Teacher account, complete access will be restored.

If I convince my school to join EdLight, can I get my Teacher account refunded?

Sure! If your school or district joins EdLight, any paid amount by you in that same school year can be refunded. Just drop us a line to let us know.

I want to introduce EdLight to my school’s admin team. How can I make the introduction?

Sure thing, here’s a form you can fill out. We will follow up with you via email!

What forms of payment does EdLight accept?

We accept all major credit cards or bank transfers. School and district accounts can also pay by check.

Can you help me request reimbursement from my school for my Teacher license?

Totally! Send us a note at with your details and we can help you with an invoice for your school

Can I share student work with other teachers in my school?

Totally! Collaboration is an essential part of great teaching. The free Starter and paid Teacher accounts allow up to 2 co-teachers to be added to your account.

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