Our Mission: Make great teaching easy

EdLight is a Public Benefit Corporation

We founded EdLight...

We Believe

Everyone wants
to improve

Students want to own their learning.  Families want to help. Teachers care about students. Districts want to better support teachers. We don't always get it right, but we all want to get better.

Technology should
support learning

Too many ed tech products are a technology in search of a problem. Technology needs to support a teacher's workflow to enable teacher-student interactions. Also, it should actually work.

Great teaching
is learned

The best research shows that great teachers do two things:
(1) keep every student engaged, and (2) know what every student needs. Anyone can become a great teacher by using strategies that achieve these goals.

Our Leadership

Teryn Thomas


Selena Castro

Senior Director of Partnerships

Lindsay Looft

Senior Director of
Teaching and Learning

Michael Mayo

Senior Full Stack Developer

Lorre Atlan

Senior Director of AI

Robert Thomas

Director of Partnerships